It has been many months since our June 2014 auction of 'Significant Indian Art' in New Delhi that became a divisive point for many and a uniting point for others in our art fraternity, as some competitors and experts (who in-turn owe their allegiance to them) along with imprudent sections of the media purportedly cried out 'fakes' about the works that were on offer. 

Unfortunately, all those who had orchestrated and given wind to the baseless allegations had not attended the preview and inspected the works and provenance documents or clarified their apprehensions with our team of experts. To add to the travesty was the timing of the allegations - on the day of the auction - given that the auction was widely publicized and the catalogue out months in advance. It was also an auction to commemorate 100 years of enterprise by a family known for its ethics, honest business practices and integrity.

At that point of time, we didn't wish to dignify any of the rumours, of historic impropriety, by a response and went ahead with the auction and to this day continue to stand by the opinion of our experts that every single work was authentic with unquestionable provenance coming as they were from the estates and collections of the Maharaja of Burdwan, artist Hemendranath Mazumder, artist Nandalal Bose, freedom fighter Radha Devi Goenka and actress Namrata Shirodkar amongst others. 

In retrospect, this hurdle has been a blessing in disguise as our patrons not only rallied around us by participating in the auction but also reposed their trust in us further by prodding us to silence the disruptive forces that have continued to manipulate the Indian art market apart from having caused the collapse of less robust auction houses in the past. Consequently, we have remained quiet for so long only to put together the evidence and pass this endurance test by proving the propaganda against us. Having decisively won the Ravi Varma 'Jatayu Vadha' painting recovery suit and re-establishing the irrefutable authenticity of the work and credibility of our processes, through this blog, we now plan to shed light on the politics of vested interests and comprehensively present the facts of the matter as they are, in the higher interest of Indian art and the wider art collecting fraternity. 

Details will be uploaded on an ongoing basis and gradually we intend to make this blog a platform for Indian art aficionados to share their experiences and voice their support for the cause of genuine art that is sold in an open and transparent manner.

As we overcome this lull and work towards our next auction, we hope you appreciate the purpose and contents of this blog and feel free to contact us with your constructive criticism and valuable suggestions.

Thank you for all the support.